Why Traditional Comment Sections Won't Work in 2018

Media companies and publishers used to revere the comments sections of their articles. From 2013 to 2016, several well-known properties, including NPR and Popular Science, did away with their comments sections. Their reasons for removing them were plentiful and valid. However, smaller publications rely on comments to foster interaction and engagement, and that engagement leads to more re...

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Website Monetization Strategies: Native Advertising

Native ads are revolutionizing the online advertising world for web publishers, and it's easy to see why. Unlike traditional ads, native ads are all about blending seamlessly into a site's content, creating a sleeker look while increasing reader engagement. Large and small sites alike are turning to native ads to generate more ad revenue while creating a more positive user experience. If...

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From the desk of SquareOffs CEO Jeff Rohr

From the desk of the SquareOffs CEO, Jeff Rohr Staring down the start of Q2, it’s remarkable the amount of growth SquareOffs has seen in three quick months. With a new look and direction our team has hit the ground running with new product and sales models. Publishers and advertisers alike hit a rough patch in 2017 with the emergence of fake news. Taking that into consideration, we are h...

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SquareOffs & Human Made: The building of a WordPress plugin

With our goal of spreading the SquareOffs content type around the world, we are pleased to announce the release of a plugin for the Wordpress content management platform. The plugin was developed in conjunction with our partners at Human Made, one of the world's top Wordpress agencies, and will allow writers to easily include a SquareOff with their article when publishing. With approxima...

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