3 Ways SquareOffs Can Increase Your Revenue

Newsrooms are constantly weighing ad dollars against user experience, trying to rake in revenue without alienating audiences.

SquareOffs® has a solution to this conundrum. SquareOffs® is a microdebate platform used by online publishers and brands to promote meaningful conversation, increase engagement, and create new revenue.

So, how does SquareOffs help increase your revenue? Through sponsored content opportunities, traditional display ad revenue, and an innovative, interactive ad unit.

Sponsored SquareOffs

Sponsored content is an easy way to get a product or brand in front of your audience without disrupting their experience. SquareOffs works well in a sponsored content environment because you can engage your audience while collecting valuable information for the advertiser. In the example below, Ford asks the audience a question. The Ford advertising team can then retarget everyone who voted a certain way with relevant ads. This greatly spikes the value of the the sponsored content deal.


Traditional Display Ads

Another simple way to monetize SquareOffs is through traditional display ads. This works with our 250x300 in-article size SquareOff. Our premiere ad network guarantees you $3 CPMs.

Here’s what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 1.11.05 PM.png

Once the user votes, an ad rotates in. After the ad is displayed, the user can view the SquareOff results, scroll through comments and share it with the social networks.

The SquareOffs Interactive Ad Unit

The SquareOffs automated, full-page interactive ad unit is a new content type that engages your publication's audience while making you money.

Here are a few defining numbers:

  • $3.50 CPMs guaranteed
  • 80% audience interaction rate
  • 13 seconds added to time on site


Everyone wants more revenue. Traditional display ads have become annoying for audiences forcing publishers to decide between experience and revenue. With SquareOffs, you don’t need to make sacrifices. Sign up for an account today to get started!

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Maranda Jones

Marketing Director at SquareOffs #OnwardandUpward

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