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4 Ways Social Voting Helps Guide Your Content

Social voting tools can be a great way to encourage reader engagement on your site. Not only do polls and surveys give readers the chance to voice their opinion, but they help you collect valuable data about the preferences of your reader base. Not to mention their abilities to keep trolls away. While there are hundreds of voting tools available for embedding on your blog and sharing on social media, these four pillars of success outline how social voting can help guide your content.

1. Encourage Interaction

Social voting tools make embedding surveys and polls in your blog seasier than ever. Making it easy for your blog post to grab readers' attention and encourage interaction. Easy social media sharing in most tools encouraging readers to share a voting based conversation and bring it back to your site. Some social voting tools even allow you to add photos and other media to catch readers' eyes and boost engagement. 

2. Creates Community

Socials voting tools that use devices such as listing or ranking systems and even upvoting, help respondents understand the preferences of other readers. This creats a greater sense of community among a reader base. When readers are encouraged to vote on their preferred item helping it rank higher there is a feedback loop that is created and ecouraging readers to come back to check on where their favorite landed. This type of behaviors builds a community of devoted readers that will keep coming back.

3. Gather Insights

Different tools often have analytics capabilities. When embedded on your site your readers not only are delighted by being able to interact with their content but you are able to enjoy acess to real-time analytics so you can quickly grasp the preferences of your readers and sculpt your content and website experience to match. 

4. Start a Conversation

What better way to get feedback on what content is working and what isn't by monitoring the conversation on your site. By holding interest across your reader base you can start conversations that span multiple pieces of content. Where the conversation stops is a solid indicator of what isn't working or is missing something. These tools can be a crucial piece of the puzzle when determining your content strategy.

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Ready to start engaging with your audience on a deeper level? Whether you're searching for free voting tools to more comprehensive survey and poll suites, one of these tools is sure to help you start gathering opinions. Test out several tools to find the one that works best with your site and social media sharing needs, and be sure to let your readership know whenever you create a new poll to increase your poll results. 

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