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5 WordPress Plugins That Will Change Your Website in 2018 

The beauty of WordPress websites is that they evolve along with the internet without re-inventing an entirely new website. Simply adding a plugin or two can revamp the look, speed and versatility of your website. When it comes to keeping up with trends on the internet, updating your website is key to maintaining your edge within your niche. Discover five WordPress plugins that experts are talking about for 2018. Look to these tools to stay competitive in the coming year.

1. WP Fastest Cache

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Site speed is vital to engagement with your brand. A slow site, even one that takes five seconds to load versus two seconds, can doom your bounce rates and conversions even with the best SEO practices. WP Fastest Cache helps speed up your WordPress website by deleting cached files when you publish a new post or page. Caching stores your web pages in little chunks or parts, and these can take up memory on your website and slow it down. WP Fastest Cache gets rid of obsolete files and replaces them with new ones. This plugin is free with an upgrade for a premium

2. CoSchedule

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.17.04 AM.pngCoSchedule manages when your website posts new pages and content, but it goes one step further by automatically posting social media messages to your loyal followers. All you do is add content to the drag-and-drop calendar and your messaging times are set. This plugin costs $10 per month, but it's a real timesaver when you automate your posts in one place. Rather than sifting through blogs and social media, program when to publish them ahead of time so you can focus on running your core business. Even better, CoSchedule lets you make posts even when you're not at your computer or running other tasks.

3. SquareOffs

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.28.36 AM.pngThe Squareoffs plugin lets you embed microdebates right into your content. The plugin lets users vote one way or another on an issue, and then explain why they voted for their choice. You get to customize the questions, while your readers get to invite others to join in the conversation. Squareoffs lets you increase user engagement on whatever topics you wish. Instead of going to social media websites, users interact with your own site you can gain vital insights as to the behavior of your readers as you plan for future marketing pushes.

4. WP Smush

wp smush.pngWP Smush helps your website run faster by compressing and optimizing images before putting them on your website. Images that are too large or clunky can slow down your site speed and page loads. Rather than affecting just one image at a time, you can select up to 50 of them for compression at the same time. The beauty of this plugin is that your images don't look stretch, fuzzy or pixelated when they go into your website. If you have larger images from 1 to 32 MB, you need WP Smush Pro for those, but it's well worth the investment if you have high-quality images for your posts.

5. CommentLuv


Moderating comments takes a lot of time when it's not automated, so that's where CommentLuv comes in handy. This plugin makes moderating easier by rewarding users who frequently comment on your site. Comments produce backlinks, which improves SEO for your commenters but also puts you in touch with potential blogs to share with your readers. The premium version adds spam protection and a top commenters widget that promotes people who interact with your posts. CommentLuv connects all WordPress sites that use the plugin, so you have an instant growth opportunity from channel to channel.

Look for WordPress plugins in 2018 that make your job easier while upgrading your website. Whether you need more time to take over vital processes of running your business or just want a faster way to measure engagement, there are literally tens of thousands of plugins that can get the job done. Hopefully, these five get your 2018 off to a roaring start as you seek new ways to engage with your readers, improve your site's functionality and take care of some automated processes for time management. Looking for more WordPress plugins? Check out our Top 7 of 2017

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