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The Anatomy of a SquareOff

SquareOffs, like people, come in different shapes and sizes. Designed with versatility in mind, each type of SquareOff serves a specific purpose. There are three main types, the single, wide, and group. We will start by looking at the anatomy of a single SquareOff and make our way through the other two types. 

Single SquareOffs are designed to be embedded in an article. They can be used for a couple of different purposes, to either frame the conversation around a particularly devisive topic, gauge readers interest in the article, or to use in the right rail of the site as an ad unit. Although, our platform is built around engaging readers and not as strictly ad tech, we also like to help you make money. 

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Wide SquareOffs are more often than not used as stand alone articles that we lovingly refer to as "Snap Articles". The name comes from the idea that they are easy to create. If you've perused our blog you may have noticed that we use wide SquareOffs often in our Join the Debate segments of our blog. As an easy piece of content we often times use them to discuss current topics in the news or in our industry. 

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Groups, last but not least, my personal favorite type of SquareOff, is where they all come together to form one big piece of interactive content. The best part about groups is that there are multiple SquareOffs in one, making it easy to vote and comment on multiple questions. It's also any easy way to add a new page to your website. Call it a "Polls Page" or use your branding there is no way to go wrong with another page on your site.  Same Anatomy as Wide SquareOff-1.png

Want SquareOffs on your site? Download our WordPress plugin here. Don't have a WordPress site? Don't worry, a SquareOff can be put on any site. Sign up for a free account here

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