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Boosting Reader Engagement with Consistent Content

Content helps portray your brand message to the world. Figuring out what kind of content to publish, when to add it to your website and how to market that content can increase the number of people who discover your website. Getting more people to your website is what keeps your ad revenue healthy. Once you get people to your website, you have to do things that keep them there. That's why you need to publish consistent content. When you publish consistent content, it affects reader engagement in several ways. 

New content builds on your previous blog entries and social media posts. This builds your expertise within your niche. You can't just wave your website around and say "Hey, I'm an expert." You have to build up to that point. Sure, you have a degree or five years of experience in your publishing area. How do you convey that? You write consistent content that speaks to trends within your niche. When that breaking news comes out that fits into your area of expertise, writing about it and putting your unique spin on the news adds clout to your brand. Your readers engage with your content because you come across as an expert, and these people want to hear what you have to say.


Findings show that content must also be high quality to keep readers engaged. Source

Beyond adding expertise, consistent content informs your readers of something they need to know. In a publishing setting, you want people to understand why they may need to read stuff from your website. For example, you might write an article about the latest trends within the fashion industry three days before your competition. The provided information shows your expertise, but it also helps people make a decision about whether to stick with your company for more content. Because you scooped other publications, people want to engage with your content first. That consumer decision, of course, is the ultimate goal of publishing consistent content because you want your readers to go to your website before any others

Enlarging your customer base is important to driving traffic to your publication. Publishing consistent content attracts new viewers to your website when you make your content interesting. People want to comment on your engaging post or talk to other people who commented on your piece because you started the conversation. Rather than write the same-old blog on the start of the NFL season, your unique take captured the attention of your regular readers who then passed the article along to their friends. Once you enlarge your customer base, consistent content keeps those new people coming back for more. When you increase your viewership, you can take those numbers to your advertisers and increase your ad revenue. This content doesn't always have to be long editorial pieces, bite sized content can be just as engaging. 

After you increase your customer base, that's when you can go after a larger market share. When you can prove you jumped from the 10th-largest publisher in your niche to the fifth-largest, that ranking also bodes well for advertisers. The more you publish, the more chances people have to interact and engage with your content. When more people interact with your content, more people know about your website. The domino effect continues because you get more unique visitors per month, the key metric advertisers use, when more people recognize that your website is worth their time.

"B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1 times per month."

An omnichannel presence represents a major key to help readers and viewers engage with your consistent content. Once you publish your blog or post your video, share it on social media and send out emails to your subscribers. Your followers may pass that post on to their friends. Don't forget to include hashtags in your posts. Hashtags let new readers find your content. The reason you publish consistent content to social media and email is that people learn to expect your latest post at a certain time. For three weeks straight, your blog posted at 9 a.m. ET every Wednesday. Your readers pick up on that pattern and look forward to your post to arrive at that time.

The ultimate goal of your content is to increase your profits. Producing content isn't enough. You have to create interesting, expert and shareable content that people want to read. Once you find that niche, you have to publish consistent content to keep your readers engaged. Consistency builds a pattern that your readers expect to see from your website. Those regular readers give you a demographic that lets you market to more people while simultaneously showing you the kinds of advertisers who would love to spend some money on your website. Best of all, consistent content builds on your readership over time to increase your SEO within Google's webcrawlers. That SEO boost snowballs into more readership and higher revenue.

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