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From the desk of SquareOffs CEO Jeff Rohr

From the desk of the SquareOffs CEO, Jeff Rohr

Staring down the start of Q2, it’s remarkable the amount of growth SquareOffs has seen in three quick months. With a new look and direction our team has hit the ground running with new product and sales models. Publishers and advertisers alike hit a rough patch in 2017 with the emergence of fake news. Taking that into consideration, we are hyper focused on continuing to build our product to facilitate productive conversation. Bringing people together around discussion and understanding is more important than ever.

Our product team has been hard at work building scalable solutions for media websites. They’ve got a big project in the works that they can’t wait to share with you all. More to come on that in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the sales and marketing team has been working hard to get the word out. The new SquareOffs model has them talking to advertisers and webmasters alike to get the new SquareOffs widget on their site and help them make money. Know someone that they should be talking to? You can reach them at - they look forward to hearing from you.

Finally, I have been doing what all CEO’s do best, juggling product, sales, and everything else that keeps the train going. I’m proud to say that the vision for SquareOffs is coming to life one piece at a time and I can’t wait to share the whole picture with you.

Thanks for your continued support,


Jeff Rohr

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