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How Social Opinion Shapes Health and Lifestyle Blogging Communities

Health and lifestyle blogs thrive on current, up-to-the-minute trends. Driving traffic to these sites is easy when you’re able to capitalize on popular topics and become an authority in the subject. Social opinion shapes the world around us so it’s only natural that bloggers would scrape material from these social shares.

Specialized tools, such as BuzzSumo and Animal Social, retrieve data on the most-shared and trending stories on social media platforms for a particular time period. Analytics software alert you to when a particular story reaches a certain threshold for social media shares. Tapping into these resources in intelligent ways help you create a quick piece of content that speaks to your readers. The trick is to maintain brand identity while creating viral content. A popular story on social media could run contrary to your brand's culture, which is why you can turn that story into a slant that stays true to your website.


Add your voice to viral stories with a few practical strategies. Latch on to the original story in social media and pass along the viral content to your followers. Link to the viral story in your content to make your blog more visible. Interact with the original story by mentioning your take on the topic and then pointing to one of your posts. The entire idea is to get more people to gravitate towards your site organically and without spending a ton of ad revenue. Tap into social opinion with a few targeted efforts so you influence how viral stories drive traffic to your website.

Hashtags play an important role in how people find these stories, but also how you can market trending topics to your advantage. As an example, a trending Facebook story on #sushifacts might help people notice your foodie blog. Create a quick piece that gives your take on this trending story and then add it to your social media presence. Incorporate the aforementioned hashtag with your story, but then add one or two that caters to your audience. Consider a humorous hashtag, such as #mushisushi or #nomoremisterriceguy. Perhaps you want something that reveals your slant on sushi, including #healthysushi or #bestsushirecipes,  so that your audience relates to as it serves your brand. The key to this strategy is to act quickly on these hashtags.

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Trending stories for health and lifestyle communities have very short shelf lives. A viral Facebook post has an average shelf life of five hours. Twitter posts lose their luster after just 24 minutes because of the 140-character limit. Consider also that social opinion may wax and wane depending on the time of day. More people find and view viral content during commutes to and from the office, out and about running errands, or on the way to transporting kids to and from school. That's because people have spare time at traffic lights or on public transportation to check social media on their smartphones. Short shelf lives are why you need to have a strategy ready to go at a moment's notice when trending topics appear.

The beauty of Facebook and Twitter is the data that these platforms collect. Mine your data properly to find what speaks to your customer personas when you search for topics using social opinions and sentiment towards a post. Facebook lets you track the demographics of your followers down to someone's age, location, gender and even relationship status as you find out how your post reaches various people. Twitter lets you see the top 10 interests of your followers. Both of these huge platforms compile data for you into tidy reports that let you draw conclusions on the best time to post stories, how to take advantage of social opinion and what stories to cater to your audience.


The best part of mining social opinion is that all you have to do is tap into no-cost tools already provided by social media platforms to optimize what you want to create as a blog post. Using free tools can locate viral stories, but subscription-based analytics software generally provides better results. Remember that blogs can include a quick video post if you feel drawn to video content. Varying your content is important because Google's search engine keeps an eye on your website for multimedia aspects of your site in addition to written SEO keywords. Once you learn the best way to tap into social opinion to reach a larger audience, focus on creating dynamite content that keeps your users coming back on a regular basis.

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