Is It Really Important to Measure Site Impressions?

Maybe you know your blog's great because you put a lot of effort into your content and you love reading it; you get enthusiastic comments, and they're not all from your friends. You may consider yourself the creative type who finds analytics boring, and you're not completely sure why you need all that data anyways. The truth is that regularly assessing your site impressions is important to improving your blog, and those numbers are interesting when you take a deeper look at them.

Track Individual Pages

Tracking which specific pages get the most impressions helps you target your content. Do you get more impressions for entries with an included video? Do your readers like lists or do they prefer longer articles with more detailed information? Sometimes taking a closer look at the posts that failed is more helpful than looking to your most successful entries. Try to deduce what those poor-performing posts have in common to produce better content in the future. 

Track Patterns 

Look for patterns in how your visitors spend their time on your site. "Pages per visit" is a useful metric to see if your audience regularly explores more of what you have to offer. In general, three or more pages per visit is a worthy goal. Work on increasing this number by making it easy for readers to find content relevant to their interests. Include links to related content directly in your posts, and add links to your most popular articles in your sidebar. Grouping these links by type of article makes it easier for your fans to find what they need. Creating and monitoring these patterns and using them to create feedback loops can be a useful way to boost engagement.

Where are they coming from? 

Traffic sources are a fun metric that can help you better drive traffic to your blog. This data spells out which websites your viewers are on when they click to view your site. You can also find out where in the world they are located, for more information about their possible interests and goals in visiting. If you promote your blog through social media or advertising campaigns, this data lets you see which sites are most successful so that you can better allocate your resources. Knowing your readers' physical locations helps you target content better to their interests or maybe target content towards those areas that you aren't currently reaching for a more widespread readership. 

Don't shy away from data. Take some time playing with the numbers to learn more about who is and is not visiting. Then think deeper about your blogging goals. Are you trying to make money? Do you want to share information or create community? Are using the blog to drive traffic to a business? Regardless of your specific goals, site impressions and more detailed metrics provide your with clues to help move your blog in the right direction.

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Maranda Jones

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