Website Monetization Strategies: Native Advertising

Native ads are revolutionizing the online advertising world for web publishers, and it's easy to see why. Unlike traditional ads, native ads are all about blending seamlessly into a site's content, creating a sleeker look while increasing reader engagement. Large and small sites alike are turning to native ads to generate more ad revenue while creating a more positive user experience. If you're still not sold, find out how these website monetization strategies can benefit both you and your readers.

Higher Engagement With Native Ads
Native ads have proven themselves more effective than traditional ads for a number of reasons. For example, the smaller visual and contextual difference between your own content and native ads means readers are less likely to turn a blind eye. According to Forbes, readers are 25 percent more likely to engage with native ads than old-school banner ads, and native ads boast a higher overall click-through rate. This translates to higher ad revenue for you as the publisher. ExactDrive adds that native advertising content pieces are more likely to be shared than standard ads.


Content That Benefits Readers
Unlike more intrusive ads, native ads are powered by the value they bring to your readers. This more subtle marketing approach uses relevant, interesting content as a way to show readers that advertisers care about them and not just their money. This is why native ads include so-called "advertorials" as well as articles with lists of tips or important info. This is important for you as the publisher, since the ads you host reflect your own brand as well. According to Forbes just over 70 percent of publishers surveyed had no negative response to native ads from their readers.

Diverse Ads for Every Occasion
Native advertising gives publishers new options for monetizing their sites, from content recommendation engine widgets (often tacked on at the end of a blog post or article) to video tutorial ads and sponsored content pieces. Infographics, featured search results and images designed for social media sharing are a few other popular options. The most important factor when choosing native ads is finding those that best fit the content your site already offers.

Visual Appeal
One of the major benefits of monetizing your site with native ads is the ability to keep your site's theme and layout just how you want them. With banner ads and other traditional block ads, you may have to modify your site to fit the ads when you want to monetize. The colors and general appearance of these ads often clash with those of your site, creating a messy look that jars readers. With native ads, readers enjoy navigating a much sleeker, cleaner site.

Native ads blend into your site's existing content, but good native ads are never deceptive, being clearly labeled as sponsored content. The result is a generally positive reception from readers and increased ad revenue for publishers. If you want to amp up your brand's reputation while increasing ad click-through rates, native is the way to go. Shop around for different native advertising networks for publishers, and start monetizing your site with native ads that work.

Maranda Jones

Marketing Director at SquareOffs #OnwardandUpward

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