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Short Form Content vs Long Form Content

website monetization

You already know content is king when it comes to monetizing your website and creating more ad revenue. The only major question you have is which content is the most helpful to monetizing your publication? Short- and long-form content both serve a different purpose. Both are key to your content strategy, and both have specific purposes for your brand. Knowing when and how to employ short- and long-form content improves your ROI, optimizes your site and improves your unique monthly views.

Boosting Reader Engagement with Consistent Content

Reader Engagement

Content helps portray your brand message to the world. Figuring out what kind of content to publish, when to add it to your website and how to market that content can increase the number of people who discover your website. Getting more people to your website is what keeps your ad revenue healthy. Once you get people to your website, you have to do things that keep them there. That's why you need to publish consistent content. When you publish consistent content, it affects reader engagement in several ways. 

Is It Really Important to Measure Site Impressions?

Reader Engagement, site impressions

Maybe you know your blog's great because you put a lot of effort into your content and you love reading it; you get enthusiastic comments, and they're not all from your friends. You may consider yourself the creative type who finds analytics boring, and you're not completely sure why you need all that data anyways. The truth is that regularly assessing your site impressions is important to improving your blog, and those numbers are interesting when you take a deeper look at them.

What's the Deal with Survey Sites?

Increase visitor engagment, Social Voting

The web is full of survey sites. What's the deal with them? Well, some exist just for the fun of it, other sites pay visitors to take surveys that provide companies with consumer information and still others use surveys as tools to gather information. If you're a blogger, you're probably well aware of the popularity of survey sites. Wondering if you can leverage the survey trend to drive more traffic to your site? Actually, yes, there's lots of potential that you should tap into. 

Affiliate Marketing Websites: The What, How, & Why

website monetization, affiliate websites

How can I find affiliates? Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing advertising and sales tool in the internet sphere. In fact, a 2016 BI Intelligence study found that affiliate programs are one of the major drivers of e-commerce sales. They account for 15% of the digital media industry's revenue each year — a percentage that's equal to sales resulting from email marketing campaigns. As a blogger with an established audience and one or more items for sale, you're uniquely positioned to use affiliate marketing to promote and sell your products.

5 Creative Website Monetization Strategies

As a blogger, your readers can be a valuable source of income. Once you've established a solid presence and curated engaging content that brings in steady visitor levels, it's time to convert your web traffic into dollars. The right website monetization strategies harness the power of your brand, turning your website into an around-the-clock moneymaker. The trick, however, is to choose revenue streams that blend seamlessly into your style. By getting creative and keeping the focus on great blog posts, you can boost your bank balance without alienating loyal followers.

7 Times Social Opinion Broke the Internet

Social Opinion

In the beginning, the internet promised a worldwide forum for sharing ideas and perspectives. It did that, but it turns out that a lot of the social opinions we share are controversial, and our perspectives are surprisingly good at provoking years-long shouting matches between entrenched camps. These controversies have so far been a dime a dozen, but these seven examples from the history of the internet managed to set the online world on fire.

4 Ways Social Voting Helps Guide Your Content

Social Voting

Social voting tools can be a great way to encourage reader engagement on your site. Not only do polls and surveys give readers the chance to voice their opinion, but they help you collect valuable data about the preferences of your reader base. Not to mention their abilities to keep trolls away. While there are hundreds of voting tools available for embedding on your blog and sharing on social media, these four pillars of success outline how social voting can help guide your content.

DIY: Renew Apple Push Certificate for Google Apps on Ios Devices


If you're seeing "Device Policy Alert - Looks like your device isn't updated with the latest security policies. Please try again later." on your iOS device, and it's making you want to throw your phone into the nearest wall we're here to help. After a week of exhaustive searching and experiments we finally got on the phone with Google (yes, you can do that) and figured out what was going on. Hopefully the following will save many of you from headaches and surrounding drywall from stray phones. 

Website Monetization Strategies: Native Advertising

website monetization

Native ads are revolutionizing the online advertising world for web publishers, and it's easy to see why. Unlike traditional ads, native ads are all about blending seamlessly into a site's content, creating a sleeker look while increasing reader engagement. Large and small sites alike are turning to native ads to generate more ad revenue while creating a more positive user experience. If you're still not sold, find out how these website monetization strategies can benefit both you and your readers.

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