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The Publishing Industry: Then & Now

Thanks to computer technology, the publishing industry isn't what it once was. Print journalism is fading, while digital media continues to see more revenue. Rather than worrying about column widths, typefaces and banner headlines, media companies analyze search engine optimization, keywords, conforming to Google's standards, adding the right images and generating the right length for ea...

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Case Study: HuskerMax Creates "Instant Reader Engagement"

It started with an amazing catch. It could have easily started with the latest pop song, YouTube craze, political battle, product launch, fashion trend, or celebrity meltdown. Big stories have a visceral impact in the moment, and people flock to the conversation to be part of the story and voice their opinion. WR Kenny Bell makes an incredible one handed catch  HuskerMax  For online publ...

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Major Network Provider Taps SquareOffs Polling Technology

SquareOffs recently landed a client that may place its web-based debate platform technology in front of millions of people. This month, the company partnered with digital media network Rant Inc. to offer its online debate and polling tech to engage Rant’s readers and increase their advertising revenue. “It’s one of the bigger contracts that we’re a part of,” SquareOffs CEO Jeff Rohr said...

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