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Join the Debate: Are Gluten-Free Diets a Healthy Trend?

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Gluten-free has been popular for years now. With people boasting the magical benefits that come along with abstaining from wheat it seemed like an obvious. I mean the Atkin's diet worked for a reason right? But recently people don't seem to be too keen on the trend touting that there are more health risks than benefits. 

Join the Debate: What's Your March Madness Bracket  Strategy?

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March Madness has been a long standing tradition tracing it's roots back to 1938. In more recent years, thanks to huge upsets, dynasties, big-name players, and of course, television, the madness has spread to even non-college basketball fans. With the advent of the bracket everyone has an opportunity to paticipate in the tournament across friends, family, and office pools. 

Join the debate: Does social media ruin your connection w/ readers?

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Platforms where consumers discover new content such as Google and Facebook have become essential to the internet user’s experience. As they have gained an increasing number of users, these mediums have become middlemen between the publishers and their readers. In theory, this should lead to a more efficient internet surfing experience for the consumer. 

Join the Debate: Super Bowl 51

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The Super Bowl is one of America's favorite past times for good reason. Who doesn't love food, booze, and some good competition? This year is shaping up to be a good one too. The Patriots are making their nearly annual appearance to the big showdown, joined by the Atlanta Falcons who haven't made a Super Bowl appearance since 1999. Is it their year? Join the debate blow. 

Join the Debate: What's the Best Way to Spend New Years Eve?

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New Years Eve is a shockingly polarizing holiday. Like politics and religion everyone has their opinions about how you should spend the holiday. So what's your preference? Join the debate below: 

Join the debate: Should publishers or consumers curate content?

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When it comes to serving up content, are the publishers the one’s with the ultimate insights or the customers? In an era where publishers are striving to increase reader engagement and interaction, this question may be the avenue to innovation. Publishers are directly plugged into industry information streams that build the credible insights shared on their platforms. On the other hand, customers have their own insights that may be under the radar for bigger firms.

Join the debate: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

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It’s that time of the year folks, the holiday season! Whatever holiday you recognize, we’re curious how you express the season’s greetings. Recognizing our changing habits and beliefs, the SquareOffs team thought this would be a good question for this time of the year. So, do you say “Merry Christmas” in your holiday salutation? Or do you simply say “Happy Holidays”? Let us know in today’s Join the Debate.

Join the Debate: Will the Army Corps hold their pact on the DAPL?

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On December 5th, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit to continue the Dakota Access Pipeline. The members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe mostly influenced this decision alongside the support from inspired individuals and activist groups around the United States. Although this announcement may appear to be a victory, many of the Sioux are skeptical of the permanence of this pact. This ABC News article overviews the history the Sioux Tribe has had with the US Government up to present day. 

Join the Debate [Thanksgiving Edition]: Turkey v. Sides

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We won't take your time up with a rambling post about food that will keep you from your meal. So in honor of Thanksgiving we want to know what your favorite part is, the turkey or sides?  

Join the Debate: Should We Eliminate the Electoral College?

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No matter what side of the aisle you fall on I think we can all agree that this election has been exhausting. The votes kept pouring in until the wee hours of Wednesday morning and America woke up to a delimma it has faced before. The popular vote and electoral college results were different, with Hillary Clinton narrowly squeaking out more votes than Donald Trump. Nonetheless, Donald Trump had more electoral college votes, earning him the presidency. This left many Americans wondering how the popular vote and electoral college vote could differ. 

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