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Sports Communities, User Interaction, & The Network Effect

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Online sports communities represent ready-made niche markets that contain hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. That’s because these communities have devoted fans with a built-in audience. Even better, these audiences love to interact with one another, whether they debate a bad coaching decision in last Sunday’s NFL game or how an ace pitcher shouldn’t have left his curve ball hanging up in the strike zone. Tight-knit online sports communities embody the network effect and therefore are the perfect proving ground for new technologies.

Major Network Provider Taps SquareOffs Polling Technology

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SquareOffs recently landed a client that may place its web-based debate platform technology in front of millions of people. This month, the company partnered with digital media network Rant Inc. to offer its online debate and polling tech to engage Rant’s readers and increase their advertising revenue. “It’s one of the bigger contracts that we’re a part of,” SquareOffs CEO Jeff Rohr said. “We’re really excited about this partnership"... (continued reading on Startland News) . 






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