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The Reader's Journey: A Story of Love and Loss

Reader Engagement

You see him in the rear-view mirror and a tear escapes from the corner of your eye. The person you see is a reader who is never coming back into your world. You captured his attention with your wit, charm and even good looks. Then he departed within 30 seconds. How did this reader come into your life? Why did he leave? The answer lies in the reader's journey. Knowing what people love and hate about your publication gives you an idea of how to keep your readers longer and in love with your content. Think of your readers as a relationship, and see how the saga of love and loss plays out in your publication.

Boosting Reader Engagement with Consistent Content

Reader Engagement

Content helps portray your brand message to the world. Figuring out what kind of content to publish, when to add it to your website and how to market that content can increase the number of people who discover your website. Getting more people to your website is what keeps your ad revenue healthy. Once you get people to your website, you have to do things that keep them there. That's why you need to publish consistent content. When you publish consistent content, it affects reader engagement in several ways. 

Is It Really Important to Measure Site Impressions?

Reader Engagement, site impressions

Maybe you know your blog's great because you put a lot of effort into your content and you love reading it; you get enthusiastic comments, and they're not all from your friends. You may consider yourself the creative type who finds analytics boring, and you're not completely sure why you need all that data anyways. The truth is that regularly assessing your site impressions is important to improving your blog, and those numbers are interesting when you take a deeper look at them.

The Evolution of Bite Sized Content [Infographic]

User engagement, Reader Engagement

As we've discussed in previous posts, bite sized content is an excellent way to engage and delight your readers. It's small, digestible, and extremely prolific. But, bite sized content was not always everywhere we turned. This infographic can help you understand how this evolution happened. 

Sponsored Content as a Website Monetization Strategy

Reader Engagement

We all know that sponsored content is an effective website monetization strategy. Instead of marketers throwing up unnatural and obstructive advertisements that either re-direct readers or interrupt their experience on your site, sponsored content can create an environment of trust. 

5 Reader Engagement Tools You Need in Your Toolbox

Reader Engagement

Reader engagement is the core purpose of content and inbound marketing. Yet, often enough we find ourselves grasping for the right resources to engage our readers.

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