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What's the Deal with Survey Sites?

Increase visitor engagment, Social Voting

The web is full of survey sites. What's the deal with them? Well, some exist just for the fun of it, other sites pay visitors to take surveys that provide companies with consumer information and still others use surveys as tools to gather information. If you're a blogger, you're probably well aware of the popularity of survey sites. Wondering if you can leverage the survey trend to drive more traffic to your site? Actually, yes, there's lots of potential that you should tap into. 

4 Ways Social Voting Helps Guide Your Content

Social Voting

Social voting tools can be a great way to encourage reader engagement on your site. Not only do polls and surveys give readers the chance to voice their opinion, but they help you collect valuable data about the preferences of your reader base. Not to mention their abilities to keep trolls away. While there are hundreds of voting tools available for embedding on your blog and sharing on social media, these four pillars of success outline how social voting can help guide your content.

How Social Opinion Shapes Health and Lifestyle Blogging Communities

Social Voting

Health and lifestyle blogs thrive on current, up-to-the-minute trends. Driving traffic to these sites is easy when you’re able to capitalize on popular topics and become an authority in the subject. Social opinion shapes the world around us so it’s only natural that bloggers would scrape material from these social shares.

Ways that Social Voting Keeps the Comment Trolls at Bay

Social Voting

Is this actual footage of you when you accidentally (or purposefully) click into the comments section on Facebook or in an article?

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