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3 Ways SquareOffs Can Increase Your Revenue

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Newsrooms are constantly weighing ad dollars against user experience, trying to rake in revenue without alienating audiences.

SquareOffs® has a solution to this conundrum. SquareOffs® is a microdebate platform used by online publishers and brands to promote meaningful conversation, increase engagement, and create new revenue.

What is sponsored content? 

website monetization

Do you use sponsored content to attract new users to your website? You should, and there are several reasons why. Sponsored content looks like a regular web page or blog post on your website, but its purpose is to tout a particular brand, product or publication. This type of native advertising does several things for your website if you use it properly. Discover how to use sponsored content effectively as you try to increase your website's user count to bring in new revenue streams.

Does Your Site Look Like a Ghost Town? Use These Website Traffic Tips

website monetization, Website Traffic

Website traffic is the lifeblood of your publication. Without your traffic numbers, advertisers lower their rates or flee entirely. You already know you need consistent and great content to keep your loyal readers coming back week after week. Social media is a must as you build your library, back links and SEO. You already understand the daily grind of getting people to click on your content. Think beyond your ordinary tricks and tactics. Keep your website from looking like a ghost town with these website traffic tips that go outside the box.

Short Form Content vs Long Form Content

website monetization

You already know content is king when it comes to monetizing your website and creating more ad revenue. The only major question you have is which content is the most helpful to monetizing your publication? Short- and long-form content both serve a different purpose. Both are key to your content strategy, and both have specific purposes for your brand. Knowing when and how to employ short- and long-form content improves your ROI, optimizes your site and improves your unique monthly views.

Affiliate Marketing Websites: The What, How, & Why

website monetization, affiliate websites

How can I find affiliates? Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing advertising and sales tool in the internet sphere. In fact, a 2016 BI Intelligence study found that affiliate programs are one of the major drivers of e-commerce sales. They account for 15% of the digital media industry's revenue each year — a percentage that's equal to sales resulting from email marketing campaigns. As a blogger with an established audience and one or more items for sale, you're uniquely positioned to use affiliate marketing to promote and sell your products.

Website Monetization Strategies: Native Advertising

website monetization

Native ads are revolutionizing the online advertising world for web publishers, and it's easy to see why. Unlike traditional ads, native ads are all about blending seamlessly into a site's content, creating a sleeker look while increasing reader engagement. Large and small sites alike are turning to native ads to generate more ad revenue while creating a more positive user experience. If you're still not sold, find out how these website monetization strategies can benefit both you and your readers.

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