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5 WordPress Plugins That Will Change Your Website in 2018 


The beauty of WordPress websites is that they evolve along with the internet without re-inventing an entirely new website. Simply adding a plugin or two can revamp the look, speed and versatility of your website. When it comes to keeping up with trends on the internet, updating your website is key to maintaining your edge within your niche. Discover five WordPress plugins that experts are talking about for 2018. Look to these tools to stay competitive in the coming year.

Top 7 WordPress Plugins of 2017


Nearly one-fourth of web pages run on some sort of WordPress website. WordPress is a real gem, as the open source code allows for easy updates, quick fixes to bugs and a ton of customized add-ons and plugins that optimize your website. As the internet evolves, so does WordPress and all of the plugins that come with it. Take a look at some of the most popular plugins and plugin updates released in 2017 and see if some of them might help you run your website more efficiently.

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